The Carlton Hotel


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Katowice, Poland


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The Carlton Hotel is a combination of two buildings. One is a neo-classical building from the 1850s, which was the headquarters for Upper Silesian Railway. The second building was built in 1903 as a neo-modernistic block, possibly a hotel.

The Carlton Hotel in Katowice, Poland, with the soundtrack of the city’s buzzing music scene, vibrant art and a beacon of the new chapter in Katowice’s rich history. A new grand hotel has been born, but with the changing image of the traditional perception, public spaces have been utilised in an unalike way. Creating a social hub for both local and international influencers, creatives, movers and shakers.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

As a hip and progressive grand hotel in the heart of the city of music, The Carlton Hotel has re-joined the line up of great, grand hotels present in Katowice. Turning the traditional perception of a grand hotel on its head, The Carlton is a gravitating magnet yet also a paradox. A fusion of styles from both past and present, a juxtaposition of classical versus modernistic, the old versus the new. All these paradoxes co-exist together at The Carlton, captivated through the movement of music.

The Carlton Hotel is a celebration of its dynamic and avant-garde past and present. Due to its vast industrial heritage: transportation, music and movement and uncovered in the many stories represented within the artwork collection of the hotel, items of furniture and decoration accessories. The Carlton creates a timeless grandeur to a contemporary lifestyle, whilst paying tribute to modernism and unconventional thinking.

The Carlton is conceived with the belief that the hotel is your own stage of experimentation. A destination where guests can be the creators of their own inspirations and aspirations, creating their own scenes, sets and routines within the playhouse of public spaces. It is the new social icon for Katowice, a thriving societal hub. The Carlton’s energy is woven into it’s DNA, as a soundtrack of the city’s buzzing music scene and vibrant art. The music is intrinsic to the life of The Carlton, with carefully curated events staged at the hotel. Vibrant colours and exquisite finishes have been utilised to create a theatrical environment and club atmosphere with the iconic wing chandelier a symbol of The Carlton. The ‘wing’ symbolises movement, freedom of expression, dreams, power and exploring boundaries. The Carlton is a celebration of ecstasy, classicism and grace.

Carefully curated music events will be staged at the hotel and a wide variety of links will be forged with other music venues in the city to support Katowice’s status as the UNESCO City of Music.

The styling of the hotel is distinctly contemporary but with heritage and tradition in mind. Juxtaposed against the classical modernistic architecture of the interiors, it creates a timeless grandeur to contemporary lifestyle. The vibrant colours and finishes will be utilised to create a theatrical environment and club atmosphere for this lifestyle hotel. The hotel boasts an impressive Atrium space for all day dining, a drawing room, cinema, two ballrooms, rooftop swimming pool and spa and sky bar and terrace.

The guestrooms offer guests a customisable experience within the room. For each guest it is a stag of experimentation to set your own scenes. The furniture can be moved into various positions enabling the guestroom to become the guest’s very own stage to accommodate any needs they may have. The working table has a mechanism allowing it to be raised and lowered to suit dining, lounging or working needs. The custom mini bar design with integrated desk can be used for both work or dining. With the feature custom ‘wing’ glass sculpture on top of the minibar – the symbol of The Carlton. The theatrical floor lamp is adaptable to provide reading light, ambient light or a spotlight to aid all guest’s needs.

The guestrooms have a classical feel to the architecture, reflected in the mouldings and cornices, with a contemporary lifestyle FF&E selection to give a grandiloquent feel to the room. A light neo-modernistic tough to all elements of the FF&E is apparent, giving the décor a timeless appeal.

Especially curated artwork has been commissioned for the rooms, with still life prints by the pioneer of the constructivist avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s Władysław Strzemiński and Janusz Maria Brzeski’s Polish avant-garde collages inspired by Sigmund Freud’s writings. The artwork pieces represent moving away from social norms and exploration outside of borders.

The Carlton has its own feature work and roll style suite, to host its guest stars. Located on the top floor near the Sky Bar, the dramatic design reflects the grandeur of the space. The Presidential Suite boasts 2 bedrooms and a lounge within the buildings corner cupola.

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