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Our vision of the future is a vibrant, independent and experiential world where your project stands out in many dimensions.


Our vision of the future is a vibrant, independent and experiential world where your project stands out in many dimensions.

Alex Kravetz

Award winning Architect, Stage Designer and Interior Creator specialising in luxury interiors for all things hospitality, high-end residences and private jets around the world. Expressed through storytelling and brand creation Alex looks at all aspects of the project to create a compelling and immersive narrative.

Alex started his own boutique design studio in 2003, after an illustrious career at one of the worlds largest hospitality design firms. The studio embraced the digital age early on and operates remote team hubs in France, Italy, Poland, Canada and Russia, enabling the studio to have a flexible and proactive approach to geographical challenges. Historical renovations, re-purposing, re-branding and market re-positioning have become great strengths in the growth of the studio whilst maintaining elegant and timeless styling, clearly defining the ethos of the company.

Alex has travelled extensively around the world, building his knowledge and vision of many cultures and influences. His work can be seen at iconic properties such as Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, The Imperial Hotel in Vienna and the Dorchester Hotel in London. Private residences include a mansion in Beverly Hills, a Grade I Listed Estate in England and a mountain lodge in Northern Italy as well as numerous other private commissions.

Over the last several years Alex has developed a strong interest in the ancient teachings of Vastu Shastra. He is currently pursuing a hands-on implementation of this fundamental art of creating exceptional living spaces.

'...a flexible and dynamic approach is vital in today's
ever-changing world.'

Residential Design

Grand residences, penthouses and listed buildings with all the intricacies and facilities of modern living are our speciality. We work around the world on exclusive commissions for our clients bringing together all of our technical and spacial knowledge to create high-end residential and bespoke interiors.

Hospitality Design

We work with many independent and brand operators in a variety of styles. It is important that each property has its own unique personality and is brand relevant. Therefore we create defined stories to differentiate each project with timeless and sustainable ease. We always strive to create interior architectural spaces that are memorable, location relevant and budget conscious.

Commercial Design

We create commercial spaces with a full understanding of ever changing work patterns and the need to provide aspirational environments. Creating interiors which bring to life the personality and culture of the places where we spend most of our intellectually active time is central to our philosophy.


Brandology is pivotal to everything we do. Our interiors always come with a story which has deep routes in the history and locale as well as tangible points which relate to the local community and culture. We carry this message throughout the interiors to wayfinding, signage, printed graphics and even music to make the brand come alive.


Interior architecture is similar to creating a stage set. In many cases we look at the interiors through an architectural lens and provide this additional service to look at all aspects of the property in terms of the Masterplan, public flow and interaction between the spaces. This allows us to bring to life the most important aspect of indoor-outdoor relationships which often results in the optimisation of the asset and general perfection of the site and the building itself.


Design with a deep understanding and knowledge of the available supply chains and resources is vital to deliver a successful project. We are constantly challenged by new locations in order to find the best on the market and with sustainability in mind it provides us with the unique opportunity to work with many local artisans and suppliers. Our budget conscious approach is intrinsic to the design implementation, as flexible solutions are always the key to delivering a perfectly formed project in a budget compliant way.

Timeless luxury and elegance are defining and fundamental pillars for all of our projects.

Our aim is to create theatrical experiences which translate your vision into emotionally charged spaces.

Falcon 8x

Dassault Falcon 8x Services Interior Design, FF&E Purchasing Assistance Custom made interiors for this private


Exceptional design is the flow of connecting areas which celebrates your personality. It is what makes each project unique and requires an individual and tailored approach.

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