Alex Kravetz Design was established in 2003 and has since grown to become a highly reputable international boutique design firm.

Alex started his career as a designer at the Opera & Ballet Theatre, he then moved on to create the stage designs at the Royal Shakespeare Company. A Hospitality design career followed naturally – the stage life is often compared to the life of Hotels where the guests become actors in their fantasy world of dream destinations and Grand Hotels. Every design therefore always has a narrative and a connection to the location and culture.

Alex has a deep understanding of the luxury market and takes an innovative approach to timeless elegance and chic dramatic interior architecture, incorporating the latest technology to satisfy the contemporary lifestyle of today.

The company specialises in Luxury Hotels and High End Residential. Historical renovations and complex projects are a particular speciality where the knowledge of the history of styles, specifics of listed interiors and preservation are paramount to the skilful execution of such challenging spaces. AKD is equally well versed in Urban and Resort environments and works with many leading operators worldwide.

Private commissions are undertaken for Residential Interior Architecture and Aircraft interiors. AKD can also assist in Purchasing and Installation logistics.

SBID Member

Our clients desire an individual approach to be given to their projects, which we successfully deliver. Individual creative spirit is impossible to deliver in a corporate environment, therefore we offer a flexible approach to any challenge.

Our work style is proactive, positive and fun which means we have a large repeat business. As a result we are fortunate enough to have taken some of our originally designed properties through their second generation of designs.

We take the project from the early inception through to the Masterplan. We sometimes work as the lead consultant to “map” the vital interaction between Front and Back Of House spaces, thus creating beautifully organised interiors which also work operationally. We create design concepts or full design packages to a world class standard from simple guest room refurbishments to complex historical renovations and re-branding.

Having a sense of theatre and relevance to the location whilst drawing on classical proportions is our guiding principle. Innovation, brand compliance (we work with most leading Hotel Operators) and integration of all architectural, structural, mechanical and lighting disciplines is our constant aim.

We can also provide additional services such as designing graphics and signage for your hotel and restaurants. We also create digital artwork where budgets do not allow the provision of the full artwork programme for the guest rooms, while assembling collections for the public area.


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