We are...

…digital age boutique consultancy
with an international company philosophy…

We are...

Our vision of the future is a vibrant, independent and experiential world where your project stands out from the competition in many dimensions.


Alex Kravetz Design


Alex Kravetz Design was established in 2003 and has since grown to become a highly reputable international boutique design firm.

We are firmly dedicated to the creation of luxury interiors for 5-star hotels and resorts, high end residential and real estate developments.

Our reputation is built on a high level of experience in all aspects of interior architecture and design as well as on delivering a highly personalised service. We only take a certain number of projects a year to maintain this dedicated approach, and as a result, we provide a high level of research and detail.

Our designs are rooted in the full understanding of the client’s brief, and we are passionate about highlighting the unique local cultures distinctive to each project. A sense of place is paramount to the basis of our concepts, and we develop a magical, theatrical experience to fulfil your dreams.


What We Do

We are an agile and flexible company that applies insightful analysis and an authentic way of thinking. From initial strategic planning to concept design and development, we utilise creative storytelling to produce seamless brand narratives.

We operate as a small, specialised team and aim to deliver our collective expertise in interior design, branding and procurement. Taking inspiration from every aesthetic influence we create and execute compelling projects with a combination of high level of craftmanship and intelligence.

Identifying and implementing your brands positioning in the global sphere is now more important than ever. With an emphasis on longevity and timelessness, we strive to create brands that transcend through wavering trends and unstable time periods. We are an investment for your future. Showcased by our expansive portfolio of luxury clients and projects we offer an integrated collaborative service that defines the true essence of your brand, turning an idea into reality.

'...a flexible and dynamic approach to problem solving is vital in today's ever-changing world.'

Timeless luxury and elegance are defining and fundamental pillars for all of our projects.

Our aim is to create theatrical experiences which translate your vision into emotionally charged spaces.

Exceptional design is the flow of connecting areas which celebrates your personality. It is what makes each project unique and requires an individual and tailored approach.


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